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Sixty One Moons

by Ghost Kollective

Sunshine Singularity I awake in the morning to the sound of birds, The curtains draw, the daylight warms, On TV the news, relax and lay back, welcomed to the day by the usual flack. Ads for stuff I'll never need, Interspersed with an outside feed, A riot, kids without a home, Hunted down by a friendly drone. More ads for stuff I don't desire, Mixed with stills of things on fire, Violence, kids without a hope, Playing angels, fearing no one.... I'm a citizen too, but what can i do? It's the corporate's role to crowd control. So give me news of awesome things, Smack-down robots, contain this disorder.... It's a choice they make, they reject and scream, I've heard they're all criminals, dealers and theives What's the problem with a simple chip inside your head? In space, in time, in state of mind, In look, in love, in all that's mine, I recognise the mechanised inside this neat duplicity In hope, in life, in a state machine, a loop, a IF, in a while I'll be, In Sunshine Singularity, and want for nothing more.... © GhostKollective
Ad Astra 05:54
Ad Astra Why ask me if I'm worried I'm always keen, you know You're the one who makes a fuss when it's time for me to go I'll be back soon, before you know The mission has a simple goal I'm in good hands, they bring me down If I ever lose control (counting down) Seconds left take days to pass I never tire of launch control The last and first voice I will hear During this celestial stroll Cleared to go, the engines fire Kicked in the chest by gravity Looping up to heavens high In seconds darkness holds me © GhostKollective
Silicon Junkies Everything to a power of two From drawing board to me and you The rush of progress outputs an impossible decay Everywhere we look we see A mounting point, a pcb The breeding of convenience and hunger for the Moore Chorus: Sil-i'con......-junk-ees Everytime we change our ways A gesture to a cleaner waste The push for profit renders us incapable of common sense Everywhere we plant our flag An outpost for the cast aside The fortune from the metalloids will surely justify © GhostKollective
Flesh and Bones Flesh and bones in slow decay My sensors wired to everything Yet all these shapeless shades of black, keep me in the dark Awakened from the deepest sleep My senses fooled by everything All these subtle shades of black, leave me in the cold Silence veils the main event With hardly time to move, I'm thrown a violent crack and worst case shakes me to the bone seriously, too close for me My dented pride and bloodied flesh All my subtle twists and turns, have failed to rescue me With hardly time to breath, I'm gripped a final move, my best laid plan mortality.... too dear to me Trained to do and think in steps I realise the pointlessness All these walk-throughs in my head, don't seem to cut it now Racing, looping, facts and stats, Crowd my head and fight it out All these dials don't register, don't seem to change a thing Everything! a critical sign, At least that's something I've achieved, All the training and the drills, I have to take control Finally all lights turn red, Decision made, it's time to leave Is there no way I can make it home? ...what's wrong with this telemetry!? With hardly time to think, I'm paused a violent calm, I'm left to hang humanity....too far from me I run the gauntlet to the lab Experimental signs, ignored Lift the safety, flip the switch this IS an emergency © GhostKollective
One Time Machine DNA spins in a moment of time RNA twists to assist DMA speeds to a remedy blind IRQ trips to the wires ETA nobody can be so sure CGI colours the grey CPU shift on a series of bits MMU coils to delay LED blinks make me think in the now FTL soon to be taking a bow BPS kicks at the tips of my toes ECG panics in lines as I go PSU shakes as it juices the wires EMP dances in nano-sized fires JIT here in the future they sell QED no more to tell The cogs and the wheels, the pulleys and string The theory and practice for making it spin The fine grain resolved to a spilt hair of time The notion of motion, the drawing of lines The parallel trouble for Aubrey De Grey The bending of present to future today The old and the new meet in steampunked extremes The singular moment of man and machine. © GhostKollective
Ulkoavaruus 04:58
Eniac's Ghost (Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer) Wired for notions, waiting for sounds Taking a moment to process All that I've ever seen, all that I've ever been Lost in a theory, a meaning profound Designed for the future, paused by the past Taking it all into memory All that I've ever known, all that I've ever shown Lost in a concept, a measure, a mask Supplanted, improved upon, worthless to most Left to nostalgia with Eniac's ghost Abandoned and buried, useless and tired Barely a signal, down to the wires © GhostKollective
Gravity 04:50
Gravity ====== English words: If I don't get to feel some gravity, I think I'm going to lose my mind. Polish words: Grawitacji zew ogarnia mnie Pogrążony wciąż w tym gwiezdnym śnie Relatywistyczna pustka niczym całun Gdy tak szepcze do mnie ja już wiem, tak wiem Translation: The call of gravity overwhelms me still lost in that stellar dream Relativistic emptiness like a shroud When it whispers to me I already know, Yes I know © GhostKollective
Friend or Foe Split decisions hurt my head they dance around improbably weighing up your difference is where I need to be Tentative and carefully tip-toeing possibility entangled in your energy a trip will fuse these lines Quick decisions hurt my head bound and gagged with consequence objectives change with every beat the place I need to be Perspective locked, I count to three A risky move endangers me but information overload's my biggest threat right now Judgement skewed by gravity or lack there of, to steady me can't acquiesce or walk on by the man I need to be So tell me are you playing me? I really need to know I have no time for paradox So are you Friend or Foe? © GhostKollective
Everything is Light Nothing starts and nothing ends. Everything in symphony Celestial & motioning Driftin in the void. Nothing here - out of place. Everything in unison Heavenly and organised Purpose from the void. Energy is everywhere Everything is light Sun rays bursting as we turn Brightness to the night. Nothing but my state of mind. Everything is calm outside Beautifully fractured streams Glisten in the void. Energy is everywhere Everything is light Sun rays bursting as we turn Brightness to the night. © GhostKollective
Back To Earth It's all my own stupidity, The grandest plans, The details which where lost on me, Apparently. Well you were right to fight with me, This hair-brained scheme so nearly was the end of me, Repeatedly. Can't promise that I'll listen, When you tell me all the things you want me to know, I'll be on a different world, Lost to simple thoughts, Your touch, your smell, your taste It's all I need to bring me back.....to Earth. I'll make it up to you, To show my love, Say thanks to the grace of all who still watch over me, Carefully. Didn't tell you I was sorry, Or say I was wrong, It all came out before, You gave me the change to explain myself, Regretfully. Can't promise that I'll listen, When you tell me all the things you want me to know, I'll be on a different world, Lost to simple thoughts, Your touch, your smell, your taste It's all I need to bring me back.....to Earth. © GhostKollective


released March 11, 2020


all rights reserved



Ghost Kollective UK

Ghost K - a group of musicians who formed via the ccMixter remixing website. Core team, _Ghost, CDK, Tacet (in no particular order), with other occasional collaborators.

We're responsible for the YouTube hit "Ghost K - STOP!". Our new material, under the new name "Ghost Kollective" is slowly gaining in popularity.

61 moons coming soon, and scAtT3rbRa1Nz to follow :D
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